Experience the flavors of Chinese modern and traditional life with the Shanghai Treat subscription. Indulge in snacks that bring China to your doorstep, allowing you to immerse yourself in the mysterious oriental culture.

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    Discover the Authentic Flavors of Traditional Chinese Snacks Delivered Right to Your Doorstep.

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    Just imagine to tasting mysterious delicacy snacks as you are walking with your lover on the Shanghai streets.

  • Tracey

    The Shanghai Treat was full of delicious snacks straight from China. it was so much fun to see what came and to try all the items! I loved the variety and for the price, I highly recommend this box.

  • James F

    I love the variety of snack along with the couple of items of K-pop goodies. I also love reading through the booklet and reading the fun facts about China.

  • Sheri 

    There was a good range of products. I do wish there were some more salty snacks but it was still a good choice. The corn based snack was excellent!

  • Isaac

    The box is great, but it was a fun experience to just open and have no idea what would be in the box. Tasty & cute...the perfect combo!

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